Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Well, here goes nothing!

Hello everyone out there in blog-land! This is officially my first post! Now, I am fairly new to the blogging thing, so please bear with me while I figure out what I am doing.

I recently quit my job to start building my own little Etsy store. I thought it'd be good to have somewhere to write out my thoughts, maybe get some feedback on my work, and hopefully be able to offer something of use to anyone who might be reading. So, to start, I thought I'd show some of my work.

I have a great affinity for dragons. I have been obsessed with them since I was a kid. I drew them on everything, and still do! I found the act of putting pencil to paper unsatisfying at some point, and discovered my medium of choice to be polymer clay. It's so versatile and I never get tired of playing with it.

One thing that has turned out to be a big hit are my tiny dragons. They come in all colors and are only a half inch tall! They are super fun to make.

You can check them out and see some of my other work at my Etsy shop:

I will post more pics of my work later. At the moment I am busy making sport monkeys! That's right. Sport monkeys. They're gonna be awesome!