Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Little Sephiroth Pony...

It's all gloomy grey outside today! The weather here really throws me off sometimes. Whenever it got a little grey in Utah there was sure to be rain, if not snow. Here, NOTHING happens! Silly California.

I've made a lot of charms lately, but I can't seem to get very good photos of them! There is a local workshop later this month that teaches people how to photograph their 3D artwork, so I think I might check it out. I can use all the help I can get!

I finished this little black unicorn over the weekend.

My husband nicknamed him "Sephiroth Pony" because of the ridiculously long silver tail. Horse legs are a pain, I've decided. I'm slowly getting better at sculpting them, but they are so knobbly! Is that even a word? I'm working on a zebra-unicorn right now, and I feel like the anatomy is already improving. I know these guys are kinda cutesy and they aren't supposed to be crazy realistic or anything, but I think you create a better sculpt overall if you understand the anatomy. Practice, practice, practice!


  1. Oh this guy is perfect!! I really love him, and you did a great job on his (or maybe it's a girl) body and legs. Yes, it definitely helps to take a good look at the real animal even if making a fantasy or caricature version.

  2. Thanks! I am slowly getting the hang of it. And yes, it's a boy! Everyone knows girl unicorns are always pink or white or some girly pastel color :P